"Eaarth — Making a Life on a Tough New Planet"


Bill McKibben has just done it again, just when I thought he had published the definitive book on climate justice and sustainability, he has done it again, with Eaarth.  When I read his previous book, Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future, after meeting him at a UU Ministry for Earth board meeting last fall, I was impressed how his grasp of the complexity of the social issues involved in sustaining our society had grown since 1989, when he wrote The End of Nature.

But, so had my understanding of the seemingly intractable problem of how to live together on this one small planet.  It was a hard enough problem before I had studied stustainable community development.  Many times in my studies I was distraught over our country's intransigence in acknowledging that it was time to take action on global warming.

Now, in Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet, McKibben surprises me again.  From my first look at the reviews of this book, I was determined to put aside my current reading, which is on the same topic, and pick up his book, as soon as I can.  More will follow, after I return from getting it at our local independent bookseller...

From one review: "Change—fundamental change—is our best hope on a planet suddenly and violently out of balance. "

For those of you lucky enough to be nearby in California, McKibben will be speaking about the book at Dominican University, you can spend your Earth Day evening with him:

Dominican University of California ▪ Angelico Hall Free lecture and book signing ▪ No RSVP, Limited Seating                       Doors open at 6:00pm