EJ Practitioners Network

Preparing for the People’s Climate March -
March 23rd, 7:30 PM Eastern

     Join Rev. Karen Brammer, UUA Green Sanctuary Program Director and Aly Tharp, UU Ministry for Earth Programs Coordinator - Commit2Respond & UU Young Adults for Climate Justice, in a webinar on MARCH 23rd at 7:30 PM EST to hear the latest about how Unitarian Universalist communities and activists around the country can participate in the People’s Climate Movement - March for Climate, Jobs, & Justice.

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     On April 29, 2017, Unitarian Universalists and people of all faiths will come together with hundreds of organizations and hundreds of thousands of people for the People’s Climate Movement mobilization.  Join the EJPN webinar to engage with our UU planning committee members as you prepare for local and national engagement either through the April 29th mobilization in Washington, D.C. or one of the Sister Marches in you local area.

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April Webinar with Jayeesha Dutta, National Activist and Scholar from New Orleans

     Our April EJ Practitioners Network webinar will be with special guest, Jayeesha Dutta, the National Community Arts Program Manager for the People's Climate Movement's April 29th mobilization. Jayeesha is a tri-coastal artivist-scholar who specializes in using art and relationship building for intersectional social justice movements. She has been organizing with nearly 100 organizations across the Gulf Coast through the Gulf Future Coalition and Another Gulf Is Possible since 2013.

     In 2016, Jayeesha co-founded the Radical Arts and Healing Collective, an arts-based direct action & healing justice support hub in New Orleans.
Jayeesha will be speaking to the UU Environmental Justice Practitioners Network about using art and storytelling as a tool for community building and change-making, for the People’s Climate Movement and beyond. Jayeesha is also pursuing a doctorate at the University of New Orleans.

     Registration will open soon for the April Webinar.