UU Young Adults for Climate Justice


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The Unitarian Universalist Young Adults for Climate Justice Network was formed in 2012 to create loving community and support for UU activists aged eighteen to thirty-five.


Our mission is to grow a diverse network of Unitarian Universalist young adult activists grounded in faith, supported by each other and the UU community at large, and working together for climate justice.


Our vision is that our individual and collective actions catalyze the movement for a socially just, resilient, and sustainable future.


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Our first campaign: 100 Worshop Services about Climate Justice!

As a part of the Commit2Respond initiative, we launched our first campaign: A commitment to deliver ONE HUNDRED worship services about climate justice, involving young adult leadership, to faith congregations. There is no set time frame for this commitment, though ideally we will accomplish it by 2017. This will be a growing experience for our network, and we invite you to find out more information, and participate in this campaign.