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Stories from Earth Day 2012

Congregations across the country are registering their Earth Day activities with UU Ministry for Earth. Check out what others are doing on the latest list (updated April 26, 2012).

Here are this year's congregational Eco-Heros and/or Guardians of the Future 2012 nominations (in order of receipt):

Dean Smith
"Dean is Carbon Master; taught sustainable skills; started campaign for church solar panels co-op." Barbara Morrow, Chair Green Team, Evergreen UU Fellowship, Marysville, WA

Ed Wilde
"Ed works tirelessly to beautify our grounds and to encourage local awareness at Hatcher Garden." Melissa Fritsche, Search Team Chair, UU Church of Spartanburg, SC

Tim DeChristopher
"This is what patriotism looks like."
Gary Kowalski, Interim Minister, First Parish of Sudbury, MA

Karen Kleinkopt and Tim Goltz
"Educationed MUUF about the FARMS program and the importance of providing healthy food to all." Donna Dolham, Pres. of the Board of Trustees, Midcoast UU Fellowship, Damariscotta, ME

Ann Hebert
"She was our [Green Sanctuary Committee] Chair for SIX years; she lives her life sustainably."
Pat McEvoy, interim chair, GS Committee, UU Congregation of Saratoga Springs, NY

Glenn Short and Nancy Hurrelbrinck
"Glenn is a tirless advocate for the environment. Nancy models sustainable living in every way." Sharon Baiocco, Environmental Action Chair, Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church UU, Charlottesville, VA

Cindy Frantz
"Chair of POWER, and the Energy Committee of the town-gown Oberlin Project. Will nominate [for Guardian of the Future] next year."
Barbara Fuchsman, Commissioned Lay Leader, Oberlin UU Fellowship, OH

Doug Harris, Narragansett Indian Tribe, Rhode Island
"Sermon and preservation of sacred ceremonial sites in our region."
Pam Kelly, Social Justice Co-chair, All Souls UU Church, Greenfield, MA

Bob Friedman
"Bob is a founding member of First Universalist's EcoMinds group and has been a leader in our Earth Day celebrations for the past 10 years. He served on the steering committee for our Green Sanctuary certification, he is part of the effort to redesign our church's Faith in Action work, and he has played a leadership role in bringing our Immigration and Environmental groups together for Earth Day 2012."
Emma Paskewitz, Earth Day Planning Committee Chair, First Universalist Church of Minneapolis, MN

Tom Gibson
"Tom instigated and organized a large permaculture garden, tying it to UU Principles."
Nancy King Smith, Chair, UU Ministry for Earth, First Unitarian Church of Cleveland, OH