Green Papers: Connecting Environmental and Justice Work

The Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth is pleased to present a series of "green papers" on the broad topic of environment and justice, as well as specific focus areas such as food, climate disruption, environment and health, and animal welfare. The papers are a result of a collaborative review and edit process with over thirty ministers, lay UUs, and UUA staff.

The postings are labeled green papers because they are meant to stimulate thoughtful comment, interaction, and action by UUs who are involved in and concerned about the history, connections, and future of environmental and justice work.

The Introduction to Green Papers provides background information on the project and suggestions for using the green papers within your congregation. To get started, follow the links below or in the left navigation bar.

Introduction to Green Papers on Environment & Justice [Click HERE for PDF version (52KB)]

Green Paper 1: Understanding Our Roots [Click HERE for PDF version (376KB)]

Green Paper 2: How Shall We Name Our Work? [Click HERE for PDF version (52KB)]

Green Paper 3: Identifying Issues, Becoming Partners [Click HERE for PDF version (416KB)]

Green Paper 4: Environmentally-Linked Health Issues [HTML version not posted yet] [Click HERE for PDF version (392KB)]

UUMFE is making these green papers available at no charge. If you find they have value, we ask you to make a donation to help cover our costs to produce them and our ongoing Earth justice work. Thank you! Donate link