Volunteer Opportunities

UUMFE is looking for a few good people

willing to do some volunteer work with/for us. Maybe you are the one we are looking for. Here’s a list of possibilities. If you feel called to help out, please contact us • E-mail: office@uuministryforearth.org • Telephone: 503-595-9392 • Mailing address: UU Ministry for Earth, 1034 SW 13th Ave., Portland, OR 97205 • Sabrina Louise Harle, Office Manager.

Feel free to post the PDF of this page on your Green Sanctuary Bulletin Board. 

Volunteer Coordinator

Identify and recruit potential volunteers; match interest, availability, and qualifications with jobs. Work with district/regional/cluster liaisons to identify potential volunteers.

Content Specialists

Within areas of issue expertise, report and write about faith based initiatives to provide content for UUMFE publications (website, Facebook page, newsletter, etc.) including media reviews. Also, search out congregational stories, sermons and other worship resources for sharing. Other roles include:

Listserv Monitor – Read Green Sanctuary, Global Warming, and Ethical Eating listservs to note writers, topics, and trends; respond as appropriate.

Website Watcher – Note and collect relevant news stories from environmental websites, post them to the listservs, Facebook, etc.

Social Network Leader – Post regularly on UUMFE Facebook page, Twitter feed, UUMFE blogs, etc.

Fundraising Committee

Work with board members to identify grant possibilities and strategies for bringing in major donors; assist in writing grants for special projects.

Membership Recruiting Assistant

Assist the board in contacting potential and lapsed members and recruit other volunteers to assist in calls.

District Liaison

(formerly regional coordinator) Help make connections within a District between activists, ministers, and lay people who are interested in Earth Ministry and UUMFE. Work with Volunteer Coordinator to identify possible UUMFE volunteers and supporters.

Provide resources to congregations, e.g., presenting workshops, giving sermons, recommending UUMFE resource guides, either by delivering in person or identifying volunteers to assist.

Opportunities for Ministers:  Serve as a Ministerial Resource to the UUMFE Board of Directors

As a Resource Minister, serve as a resource and advisor to UUMFE for issues that you are especially following and, when able, contribute material to the UUMFE website and/or newsletter. Resource Ministers are encouraged to be members of, and advocates for, UUMFE and to attend the annual meeting.