Success Stories & Events

Well done! Fabulous! We had a blast! We made a real impact! It was a resounding success!

Don’t you just love a good story? Sit back, relax, and take in the stories we tell of congregations near and far who are working hard on environmental issues, meeting challenges and enjoying success. Their stories highlight the wide range of activities, events, and collaborative efforts we see as UUs across the country work towards our common goal of environmental justice. We hope they’ll be something that resonates for you!

For more inspiration, take in the stories of leaders in our midst who UU Ministry for Earth has recognized as Guardians of the Future.

We encourage you to keep current with news from the Green Sanctuary Program in this section, on a page in our "Take Action" section, on the UUA website, and by following the Green Sanctuary blog, which often features success stories (note: this blog is no longer maintained by the UUA, but the information may still be useful).

Show and tell!

Do you have news to share? Are you beaming with pride? Do send us a note about your recent accomplishments or submit an entire article. Don’t be shy! We’ll lift up your story to honor and celebrate the fruits of your hard work. Your story may be just the encouragement and inspiration others are seeking on our shared journey of Earth ministry.