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UU Ministry for Earth is an affiliate of Beacon Press. DISCOUNT: When you shop for any and all Beacon Press books, simply enter your code, "UUMFE," on the checkout screen at and you will receive a 10% discount plus and free shipping. In addition, 4% of the order will be contributed to UUMFE. We have listed some books that might be of interest to UUMFE readers.

Carbonfund Carbonfund returns a small percent to UU Ministry for Earth when you take advantage of the carbon offsets on the GA registration form.

Low Carbon Diet Initiative

A project of The Empowerment Institute. Go on a Low Carbon Diet; here's how:  

Northwest Earth Institute - Many UU congregations have found that the study guides from the Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI) make wonderful discussion courses.

Each guide is complete with readings and questions so that the sessions (usually six or seven) can be self-facilitated. Menu for the Future and Hungry for Change: Food, Ethics and Sustainablity are excellent accompaniments to the Ethical Eating Statement of Conscience (SOC) and Global Warming: Changing CO₂urse is a good companion for the Climate Change SOC.

Other courses include Choices in Sustainable Living; Voluntary Simplicity; Sustainable Systems At Work; Healthy Children, Healthy Planet; Discovering a Sense of Place; Reconnecting with Earth; A World of Health: Connecting People, Place and Planet; and Just Below the Surface: Perspectives on the Gulf Coast Oil Spill (a one session discussion course).

The Study Guides can be ordered online at On the order form, under "AFFILIATION," please scroll down the list of organizations, and select UU Ministry for Earth/UUA Green Sanctuary Program as your "affiliation."  NWEI will then share some of the profit with UUMFE.

Northwest Earth Institute nominated UUMFE as one of five organizations for the 2013 Change for Good Award, which will be given to an organization who in their own right has integrated sustainability principles into the core of their operations and, working in partnership with NWEI, has helped make our surrounding community a healthier, more sustainable place to live. These organizations have worked closely with NWEI over the years in engaging students, community members and employees in sustainability discussion and action.

The nomination reads: "Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth - UUMFE has been connecting and inspiring Unitarian Universalist communities across North America to work for for environmental justice, spiritual renewal and shared reverence for Earth since 2005. Since building a partnership with Northwest Earth Institute in 2007, UUMFE has been able to engage over 1,000 members of UU fellowships throughout North America in NWEI discussion courses. In 2011 and 2012, Nancy King Smith, UUMFE Board Member, was able to organize over 20 NWEI discussion courses in Cleveland, Ohio, contributing to the creation of more local and sustainable food systems. In the past two years, UUMFE has brought Earth justice education and action campaigns to their members and congregations (NWEI serving as a primary delivery model) and created an advocacy coalition for environmental justice issues in collaboration with other Unitarian Universalist (UU) partners. UUMFE has been able to collect stories of success from their UU congregations, particularly around Earth Day." 

Gaia Workshops - Growing Awareness Into Action

Workshops to Connect Our Lives, Our World with Barbara Ford -