How to comment on the draft SOC (Ethical Eating)

Draft Ethical Eating SOC Needs Your Congregation's Response by January 31, 2011

In six months, the UUA General Assembly (GA) will likely pass a statement called “Ethical Eating: Food and Environmental Justice.” This statement will influence the path for UU justice work on issues like climate change, immigration, human rights, animal rights, trade, labor, and consumer and citizen responsibility for years to come. The draft Statement of Conscience was released this month.

This draft now needs to be revised through congregational input to reflect the full wisdom of our movement. Congregations will have only until February 1 to gather and submit their comments (additional comments are welcome when the final proposed draft is presented at GA).

I’m writing to encourage you to schedule a one-hour session at your congregation to share the draft and gather congregational feedback. This one-hour process can make a world of difference to the quality and relevance of the final statement. Download the Facilitator's Guide for Gathering Comments on the Ethical Eating: Food and Environmental Justice draft Statement of Conscience to assist you or another facilitator in running the session. I can also personally offer you my support; I am happy to answer any questions I can, though it may take a few days, given that I am traveling frequently (

Our democracy needs your congregation’s input in this process. Please organize a simple one-hour session in January and have your administrator send it in by February 1.

Vicky Talbert, UU Ministry For Earth Representative to the CSAI Core Team: “Ethical Eating: Food and Environmental Justice

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A Guide for Congregational Comments can be found in the Social Justice section of the UUA Website

Ways to collect your congregation’s response. The Board authorizes a group, committee, or congregational meeting to study, discuss. Download the PDF of the draft Statement with line numbers, for reference in your response. Gather comments and compose your response on the preview Comment Form. This form is marked DRAFT. Comments will ideally reflect a group’s consensus and not be those of one person.

How to submit your feedback to the UUA.  Give the DRAFT Comment Form to the administrator, minister, or person authorized to log in through the Data Services Login for Congregations  (where the congregation certifies the current membership and answers the congregational poll).  This person will transfer your group’s comments from your DRAFT to the online form.

Do not mail in the DRAFT Comment Form. Comments submitted by mail will not be accepted.

A good place to start. Study/Action Issues & Process page. Note that there are also links in the left navigation menu and also on the right in the Related Content panel or Download panel.