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What Congregations Are Saying About the Curriculum

"I think the biggest impact on the congregation/people in the class was through coming together to more deeply consider the issues raised by the curriculum. This led to the idea of going to the next level. They already have a lot of “green” practices, but this encouraged them to step outside their “home” and look at being more proactive in reaching out to other groups to work together and also in looking at impact on a state and national level. On a personal note, they were reminded of the importance of hope, remaining positive, and working together as a result of participating in this class. I used the curriculum mostly as is, with a few minor tweaks to allow more interaction between participants when time permitted. I also found it useful to provide session recaps and homework by email to all the participants immediately following each class and we created PowerPoint slides for each session to conserve paper."

Theresa Pizzuto, Director of Religious Education, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Clemson, Clemson, SC

“I'm so glad we did this program. I'm wondering about using parts of this program in the little own I'm living in...it is really good and has powerful possibilities.”

New Hampshire congregation

“We offered it to 14 people and it generated a lively discussion. We learned a lot and it was a good way for people to get to know one another.”

California congregation

[We’re] “Pumped up and ready to take action. This group meets bi-monthly – we intend continue our map discussion at our next meeting and draft an action plan for improvements to our building and grounds as well as a food related community project.

Virginia congregation